The Priests provide ‘spiritual support’ to the forces of humanity, in particular the assault infantry.  This however, tends to translate into frenzied close assaults rather than matters theological.

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The Priesthood’s operate within the military very much as irregulars.  Their fiery rhetoric allows them to weld the state-sanctioned religion as a weapon, turning those within earshot into murderous zealots.
Commonly attached to assault infantry squads, the priesthood generally forego the advanced armour of their flock, a man of faith is above such worldly concerns, clad instead in humble sack cloth robes, bearing a bandolier of holy relics and carrying an ancient tome as a standard.

The Priest’s weaponry is as unrefined as his dress:  He brandishes an unwieldy industrial chainsaw, fed from the jerry can on his back.

Cast in white metal, these models are provided without bases.