Eleanor Van Tech-Noir and retinue


Eleanor Van Tech-Noir, space-age aristocrat and her cadre of personal bodyguards.

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Eleanor hails from one of the garish neon ecumenopolis that dot the galaxy, where mafioso corporate-cults hold sway and life is  even cheaper than on the feudal worlds.  Cybernetic augmentation is ubiquitous here and the quality of one’s synthetic components largely dictates one’s social standing.  Her retinue are as much synthetic component as human stock, both being of the highest quality to allow them to rely on melee weapons, fetishized by the ritualistic styles of combat preferred by the nobility.  Eleanor notably remains aloof from such base concerns, relying instead on her triple barrelled wheellock rail carbine, a neurotoxin dart launcher, concealed in her cigarette holder and a perpetual and palpable sense of disdain.

Cast in white metal, these multi-part models are provided without bases, in squads of 5, with optional shields.